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Virtual Live Visit's & Interactive Personal Video's


Contact Magical Santa Claus

to Book your interactive

Virtual Live Visit


Custom Video Visit's

All visit's are filled with

a cheerful personal touch

merry music... jolly fun... magic...

laughs & much much more...


Have you ever had Santa Claus come to one of your

Christmas parties or Holiday events?

Ever Had a Virtual or Video Visit?

Have you been on the Naughty List?

Let us help you get on the Nice List and make sure that

Magical Santa Claus finds you this year at your Holiday Event.


When Magical Santa arrives, Via Virtual or Live.

He makes a heart warming grand entrance.

Merry “Ho-Ho-Ho’s”...  Jolly ringing "Jingle Bells"...

He brings smiles and a bundle of joy to everyone.

Santa talk's to & listens to the children of all ages.

Filling each one with the Spirit & Magic of the Holiday


 Pictures & Video's with Santa are memories that last a lifetime.

During Live visit's Santa can pass out gifts... from his big red bag...

Sant will read a fun, interactive and animated holiday story

Twas the night before Christmas or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Do a Holiday "Sing-a-long" of Jingle Bells or Wish you a Merry Christmas

Santa can also twist holiday balloon art and perform interactive seasonal magic right before your eyes... "Discover the Santa Magic"


"Truly heart warming experience with Santa"

Heather's Club Bloomfield Michigan


"The real Santa... He makes us believe"

Motor City Casino Detroit Michigan

"We all loved Santa's virtual message, our NEW Christmas tradition" 

 Atkins Family & Friend's - Fort Pierce Florida 

"Click to set up to set up a Virtual Visit"

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